Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Wood Sign

Last week I was asked to donate something from my business to a silent auction event for a scholarship fund at one of our local universities.  Considering that I am currently working on designing a new craft room in my home, my supplies are scattered everywhere, and I didn’t have a lot of time to invest in the project, I went with something simple, quick, and easy but very popular to make – a harvest themed wood sign.



I know there are oodles of tutorials on Pinterest on how to paint wood signs, so in this post I will just share photos of where I started and how the final project came out.


I started this project with a leftover board from our old pool deck.  (You know I couldn’t just throw these out or burn them).  After cleaning up the board, I applied a thin layer of Pure & Original Chalk Paint in Old Linen in a dry brush technique.


I printed out a template for the words for the sign on my computer and positioned it on the wood.


Then I just painted the letters in black and orange.  I decided the sign needed a little more character so I added on painted fall leaves and some distressing.


And that was it.  This project took me about 3 hours to complete, and free supplies I already had on hand.  The best part, it helps a college student with scholarship funds.  A win, win in my book.


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How To Make A Chevron Pattern For DIY Projects

Chevron patterns can be found just about anywhere these days.  I don’t think we are going to get tired of them anytime soon.  I know I love putting chevron patterns on all kinds of craft projects and even furniture.

Liking chevron patterns and knowing how to make one can be two different things unfortunately.    After a few trials and errors, I finally found an easy way to create a simple grid to make a perfectly spaced and aligned chevron pattern.



Disclaimer:  This tutorial contains affiliate links but all opinions and reviews are my own.

I will use one of my most recent projects as an example.


When we moved into our current home, our daughter’s room had these custom built, and very deep shelves, in one corner beside the window seat. The shelves were built floor to ceiling and were just too deep for her to use.  Imagine seven custom shelves that she could have crawled into and slept on they were so wide and deep.  So we removed them but I certainly didn’t throw them away.  For years they have been in a basement closet while I figured out how to reuse and recycle them.

My husband cut this one in down for me to use as a backdrop for my fall display.  The wood is not actually wood but veneer.  My board measured 19″ wide by 27″ long.


The first thing I did was to apply several coats of chalk paint by Pure & Original Paints in Old Linen.  Pure & Original paints go on so smoothly and covers any surface with ease.  I knew with a veneer surface on the board that Pure & Original paint would work the best.


Once the paint was dry, I drew a block grid on the surface with a pencil to create the chevron pattern.  Chalk paint not only allows you to write on the surface, but the pencil marks can be erased afterwards.

For my pattern, I decided to draw the grid with 4 equal sections on the short side, and 6 equal sections on the long side of the board.  The number of blocks you create for the grid depends on how many V-shapes you want in your project. This is easy to do with a yard stick or straight edge.




After creating the block grid in pencil, I started the chevron pattern by drawing a diagonal line from one corner to the next in the first block of the grid.


Then I drew a second line in the next block of the grid in the opposite direction, and continued this pattern across the top row of blocks. (You can draw the pattern either vertical or horizontal).

20161008_101001For the next rows of blocks, copy the same pattern as the first row until you have completed the entire grid.


Since the grid lines and blocks were drawn with a pencil, you can easily erase the lines around the new chevron pattern.  A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders as well.

Now you can easily paint or decorate the chevron pattern you just created.


Mine is shown here in orange and white that I used as a backdrop for my Fall side entrance display.  I will tell you another secret…I actually painted both sides of my board to use for another holiday.  Be on the lookout for it later this year.

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