Fabulously Frugal Outdoor Decorations for Fall

Fabulously Frugal Fall Outdoor Decorations.

You can create beautiful, and frugal outdoor decorations for your home’s entrance with just some creative ideas.

I never really decorate my entrance for the Fall season.  If you want to know the truth of why, it’s because of the spiders.  Yes, spiders.  You see we live on a very wooded lot and during the fall the spider population around our back entrance seems to triple, especially if someone lives the porch lights on all night. (hint daughter)

Last week, I shared my new fall wreath, you can read it here, and it got me thinking of finally jazzing up our side entrance for the Fall season.  But, here is the second hitch, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  I have other plans for our money right now, as most of you will understand, so buying expensive or temporary decor just isn’t my thing.

So I came up with some other plans. Frugal plans.  Fun DIY plans. And recycling plans to give the space a festive Fall look.


First, the section of gate is from an old dog pen of ours that a tree fell on a few years ago and crushed most of the pen.  We were able to save the gate and have used it in the past to block one of the entrances to the deck to keep the dogs in.  We have since installed a permanent gate on the deck so this one was up for grabs.


Next, the wine box has been used in the past as a dog toy holder, so it was just a matter of flipping it over to add some height to the backdrop.

The “hello Fall” sign was probably the easiest DIY project of all.  We have some leftover boards from the old pool deck, so I just cleaned it up, wrote the words in chalk on the board, and then painted over it in white acrylic craft paint. Honestly, I think it is the cutest little sign.

The brown and gold colored outdoor rug was originally at my front entrance and I just switched it out for the season.


The large metal galvanized bucket has actually had three purposes so far.  I purchased it back in the Spring from Tractor Supply for $19.99. I used it as an ice/drink bucket for my son’s wedding shower and then again at his rehearsal dinner.  After that it served as an extra table in our screened porch room over the summer.


So cute decorated with a red bandanna.  And now, it is a Fall planter.


And let me just squeal about the deal I got on these mums!  I had been pricing potted mums all week at other places and they cost at least $14.99 or more for this size of mum.  But then I went to Walmart on Saturday and thought I would just browse through their selection and see if I could find any good deals.  Way in the back of their outdoor section they had this huge section of slightly overgrown mums that needed to be replanted for 50% off the already marked down prices.  I got three huge mums for only 98 cents each!  Yes, you just read that right. Even the sale clerk commented on what a deal they were.  Add in a $2.00 bag of potting soil and I got three beautiful mums to for only $5.00.


Since I planned to replant them anyway I wasn’t too concerned about them being overgrown in their pots.  And if they don’t make it, well I haven’t lost a lot of money on them.  Win win situation.



My last two items on the display, the chevron painted board and the painted pinecone garland are both recycled projects that I will cover the instructions for them in my next two blog posts.

Have you decorated for Fall yet?  I would love to see pictures of them.


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Painted Pinecone Sunflower Wreath


This week I have been pulling some projects together to decorate my side entrance door for the new fall season.   Still not sure yet how it will look in the end, but I’ve included in this post one of the decor projects I have added to the space.

This whole idea started as I began to collect the small pinecones in my yard this summer after each storm.  We have pine trees that are over a 100 feet tall, but for some reason they produce some of the most adorable small pinecones.  If anyone knows what species of pine tree these come from please let me know.


So last weekend I started out with a shoe box full of small pinecones ready to be cleaned and sanitized.

This step included soaking them in a vinegar and water combination for about 45 minutes and setting them outside in the sun to dry.  I also baked them in a 200 degree oven for about two hours on a foil lined cookie sheet.  This helps to kill any bugs, bug eggs, or mold that may be inside the pinecones.  Makes for a smelly house, but believe me you don’t want to skip these steps.


I then spent a few hours painting the pinecones in several different shades of yellow. While doing this I suggest you put on a good movie, pick up a paint brush and just paint. I used acrylic craft paints for this project.  This part can be tedious at best so just enjoy your movie.


To be able to create a sunflower look, I first hot glued a 10″ paper plate to the back of my 12″ wire wreath form.


Then you just start gluing on the pinecones one by one to the wire frame.  I used the larger pinecones around the outer edge and the smaller ones towards the middle and then used the smallest ones to fill in the gaps around them to hide the wire and paper plate.  You will end up with about three or four different layers of pinecones in all.


One thing to keep in mind while you are painting the pinecones, if you think you have enough, paint about 10 to 15 more.  You will find that you need them anyway.

To create the look of greenery and leaves around the wreath, I glued dark green burlap ribbon in loops to the back of the plate.


Since this wreath is a bit heavy, I used wire to make a hanger for it.  I originally tried jute string, but the knot pulled loose and the wreath came crashing down.  I had to paint a few additional pinecones to repair the damage so I suggest you just start with a strong wire the first time.


Come back to visit in about a week and I should have everything for the side entrance ready for it’s big reveal.

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