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9 Reasons Why I Decided To Buy A Cricut Joy

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my crafting obsession. 

It has taken me years to embrace the Cricut™ machine world and to finally buy one! However, now that I have finally joined the amazing world of vinyl cutting machine fanatics, I have no idea why I waited so long.  I started small though and purchased a Cricut Joy™.




I have wanted one for YEARS but the cost and the basic intimidation of learning how to use the machine scared me off.  Honestly. I had a friend buy one and left it in the box for more than a year because she was just so overwhelmed with all of the options. 

I convinced myself that between working, the blog, renovating my home and a rental house to manage and maintain, that I just didn’t have the time and energy to learn something new and especially one that seemed to be so complicated! 

Then I saw the Cricut Joy™ commercials and I was intrigued and wondered if this was a machine I could learn to use very quickly. Still needing to justify spending the money to myself, I have listed below all of the reasons of how I convinced myself to take the leap in to the Cricut™ world of creativity.

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Seriously, I know I can not be the only person who has been avoiding buying a full size Cricut™ machine.  Right!

I have always thought the Cricut™ machines were awesome and have looked at them nearly every time I walk past them in Michaels or Joanns with a low whispered promise that I would own one of them one day…when the price is lower and I have time to learn and invest money in all of the goodies that is made for them. 

You know, the usual promise/excuse we all tell ourselves about why we can’t do something. 

I am a creative at heart and a machine that can do all the things that I usually do by hand like painted signs, was just too good to not be in awe of it. 

However, the price and learning curve always, always, held me back. Or at least what I thought the learning curve was. 


Another reason why I hestitated so long, the space needed for the setup and storage of the larger machines. 

My craft room is already busting at the seams and I have no idea where I would store or setup a full size Cricut™ machine or even store the vinyl and supplies. 

So, for years I have added that excuse to the reason I have talked myself out of buying a Cricut™.

Then enter the Cricut Joy™ with it’s smaller size, and lower price, and the cool new items, and I just couldn’t ignore the urge to have one anymore.



So here are the 9 reasons I gave myself to talk myself in to buying the Cricut Joy™:


  1. My daughter’s upcoming wedding!

What better reason to have an excuse to buy some expensive craft machine than a wedding!  My daughter wanted a custom wood slice cake topper and possibly some little personalized items for wedding favors and the Cricut Joy™ is just the machine to make this happen.


Update!   I actually made these items!

Not only was I able to make the wood slice cake topper for her cake, but she also convinced me to make some adorable t-shirts for their honeymoon to Disney World.


These shirts were so easy to make using the Cricut Smart Vinyl™





2.  Because I really wanted one and the price is right!

The lower price for this adorable little machine was definitely a good sale for me.  If I only ever use it for the wedding and occasional craft projects, then I won’t feel so bad about spending less money on a smaller machine.


3.  It didn’t seem as intimidating to learn to use as the other machines.

Again, let’s be honest, there are a lot of accessories and items recommended to use with a Cricut™ machine.  Just like a sewing machine, and I haven’t attempted to learn that either because I feel like I would always be buying some new gadget or supply for my hobby.   

I already have more than enough hobbies that I’m spending money on so why tempt myself to buy more stuff to work even less on something new.


4. I don’t NEED a larger cutting machine at this time.

Unless I plan to start selling my creations I make with a Cricut™ machine, I don’t have a need for the larger more robust Cricut™ machines – at this time. 

If nothing else I am realistic in my thoughts of what I will use this for and how much I will use a Cricut™.  The final verdict is still out on that so who knows what I may decide to do with my Cricut Joy™ in the future. 

But for now, the Cricut Joy™ is the perfect starting point for me.


5.  I still need to craft and learn new things.

Enough said.  I still need to learn and create new things and the Cricut Joy™ is a great way to learn new things, try out new techniques, and enjoy the process of crafting after all.  If I don’t learn new things and embrace new crafting ideas, my creativity and my blog will not grow.


And this truth applies to any crafting endeavor whether is a new techniques for wreaths, cross stitching, or finally learning to knit.  You need to explore and learn new things!


6.  The Cricut Joy™ is compact and will be easy to travel with.

I really like the fact that this tiny little machine can easily travel with me when I go to stay with my mom in NC and not be something that will just be in the way of packing up the car.

I can still be creative on the go.


7.  All of the Pinterest Pins I have collected and want to try out.

I can finally try out some of the many many projects I have pinned over the years that will be so much easier to do with a cutting machine.



8.  Saving time on projects.

When I make custom signs for my home or to give away, I have to go through many many steps and days just to draw it out and to hand paint it or whatever it needs.  With this compact Cricut™ machine, I can be creative and save time on projects and come out with an even better project.  The details and lines of sign will be so much more crispier and neater than my hand lettering will ever be.



9.  And this one was added to my notes from my husband…My Husband Let Me.

I laughed so hard when I saw his small scribbled note at the bottom of my hand written list for this post. 

But it is true.  My husband encouraged me to go ahead and buy the Cricut Joy™ and stop worrying about spending the money at a time when all our spare money is going to the wedding. 

It was what I needed to hear to finally go out and buy one!


Now – what do I plan to make with it?

That is easy to answer.  All. The. Things.  

My first project was the wood slice cake topper for my daughter’s wedding cake (which you can read about here).  But then I plan to try everything.  Personalize my yearly planner?  Of course!  Make a few homemade inspirational signs for my home?  Definitely a must.  



I have already started a new Pinterest board just to collect pins of all the ideas in one place.  But don’t worry.  My blog will not become a blog all about the things I make with my Cricut Joy™ machine.  However, you just might see some changes in how I make things for a while. 

Stay tuned for some projects very soon…



Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.’

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