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Easy DIY Makeover For Faux Topiary Trees

Recently on my weekly link party, another blogger shared these adorable miniature DIY topiary trees for her post.  Not only did I think her project was a darling little faux topiary with flowers, but it also got my creative thoughts pondering about making one of my own.

For my version, I didn’t even need to start from scratch.  I already had two small faux topiaries that were the perfect candidates for a makeover for this month’s ‘Do It Over’ Designer Challenge.

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Recently, I have also noticed in stores that artificial topiary trees are popular again. 

But they have been updated to more than an artificial topiary ball with dense foliage.  They now feature pretty flowers and ribbons for Spring.

Also noted is that they include a high price tag as well.

It is no surprise then that bloggers and creatives are sharing ways to make versions of topiary balls with faux plants and flowers for a fun project showing how to make easy DIY topiaries.



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By now, if you have read anything on my blog post over the years, you know that I have somehow “acquired” lots of crafting supplies in my craft room that need to be used up.

I know I am NOT the only crafty creative person who wonders how this happens as well.

What I also had in my house of random items were these two small faux topiaries I purchased years ago from a thrift store for the whooping big price of 80 cents for both of them.

I thought they were cute on top of a white bookshelf at the end of my hallway, that doesn’t get daily sunlight and real plants wouldn’t work out well anyway.  And of course, I loved that they didn’t cost me very much.



This project is all about using what I already had on hand.

Over time these two small faux topiaries were removed to make room for seasonal decorations, stored in a drawer, and forgotten.  If I hadn’t been in the process of cleaning out for donations, they would still be forgotten in that random dresser drawer.

When I found them I almost threw them in a box with other donations but for some reason, I hesitated long enough and put them back in the drawer.  Even though the Christmas tree-type faux greenery on the ball of the topiary was fading and starting to show its age, I decided to hold on to them for a bit longer.

These little faux trees were just waiting for a colorful Spring makeover I guess.

The only supplies I needed to pull off this makeover of these little faux topiary trees were some gray and white acrylic paints, hot glue, and several stems of small faux flowers. All from my stash of course.


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As far as DIY projects go, this is an easy one!

Each of the small faux topiary trees was planted in terra cotta-colored pots.  The small one is a real terra cotta pot but the larger one is plastic. 

The orange color was never my favorite so the first step of my makeover started by applying several coats of gray and white acrylic paint to the pots to give each one a faux stone finish appearance.




While the paint was drying on the pots, I grabbed my scissors and snipped off the flowers on every faux floral stem I had chosen.  In my redesign thoughts, the faux flowers needed to be small since the faux topiary trees are small.



The flowers were added to the topiaries in just a few easy steps. 

It took heating my hot glue gun, adding a little dab of hot glue, and inserting the small stem of a cut flower into the dense foliage of the faux greenery. 

One by one, each flower was added and I took my time and just enjoyed the creative process.





I didn’t have a pattern in mind but just added the flowers randomly all over the balls of faux greenery until most of the greenery was covered.

However, I originally envisioned just using only the pink flowers for both little faux trees but didn’t have enough flowers to cover both of them.  These faux floral stems have been in my stash for years so I couldn’t go to the store to get more of them. So I used both the pink and blue floral stems from my stash.   



The new looks for the topiaries ended up with the larger one being predominately blue and the smaller version in pink.  The final touch was a small grosgrain white ribbon tied around the stick bases for each mini tree.

Since not everyone can find such great deals for small topiaries to makeover for a DIY project, I have included links throughout this post for similar products found online.


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Make your own version.

An even less expensive option to make a faux topiary would be to make with with some simple items that are easy to find at a craft store or the dollar store.  Just add some floral foam inside of a small clay pot, paint a dowel rod brown, and insert it in the foam for the trunk of the tree. Cinnamon sticks would work well for a tree trunk too.  Cover a styrofoam ball with green moss as the base, and then add in more greenery and floral stems with hot glue as desired.  There are a variety of ways to make artificial topiaries. 




A fresh new look for Spring.

These newly recreated faux topiaries will once again grace the top of the white bookcase at the end of my hallway for a spring-themed vignette. This was such an easy DIY project that was so much fun to make using just a bit of hot glue.

I pulled off this adorable little makeover at no additional cost because I used what I already had on hand which is always a great way to use up craft supplies and save money at the same time.

The best part to me is that these little trees are going to be the perfect addition to my Spring decorating plans.

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