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Harvest Hoop Wreath

Embroidery hoop wreaths seem to be very popular this year.  I think it is because they are so easy and inexpensive to make.  I finally attempted my first hoop wreath this fall but will certainly be making more versions in the upcoming seasons.  Today I am sharing a simple harvest hoop wreath. #falldecorations #hoopwreath

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The supplies for my hoop wreath came from two different places.  Joann’s for the embroidery hoops (I of course bought more than one) and Dollar Tree for the decorations.



Harvest Hoop Wreath


At the Dollar Tree, I found a package of metal written words for fall sentiments and expressions, fall leaf stems and sunflower stems, fall themed ribbon, and miniature pumpkins.  Digging through my craft stash for additional supplies, I used a small strip of white burlap ribbon as the background ribbon.



I decided to change the color of the metal signs by spray painting them all yellow.  I only needed one for this wreath but of course I am now prepared to make several more or for any other project I can think of.



To make this wreath, I started with adding the strip of white burlap ribbon between the two hoops.   This was so easy to do by separating the inner hoop from the set, laying the ribbon over it and around the edges and then sliding the outer hoop back over it to secure the ends of the ribbon.



Since the embroidery hoop is such a thin strip of wood, I attached the leaf stems and sunflower stems with floral wire to the hoop.  Some tutorials show adding a small block of floral foam around the hoop but I didn’t have that in my stash so I improvised.



Next I attached the bow with more floral wire to hide the wires around the stems.  I attached the small pumpkin to the hoop with hot glue.

The final step was to use hot glue to secure the harvest sign to the burlap ribbon.



For my first attempt at a embroidery hoop wreath I think it came out pretty good.  In hindsight, I would have used a larger hoop.  I will add this project to my list of lessons learned for the next time.


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